A commentary.

Argentina hold a one goal lead over Serbia here in Gelsenkirchen. They’ve dominated the early stages so far and are looking to double their lead.

Serbia, though, looking to penetrate with Kezman now. The former Chelsea man who’s just finished his first season with Atlético Madrid. But it’s pinched off his toe by The goalscorer Maxi Rodríguez.

Played out in three quick passes there as Argentina manage to get the ball back to Rodríguez who’s now turned and looking to bring the ball forward now.

Argentina in their change navy blue away kit today, as their famous sky blue and white stripes clash with the all white worn by the Serbians.


Rodríguez has a look around.

Argentina slowing the ball down in midfield for the moment here, Rodríguez pivot’s away from some pressure from the Serbian midfield and plays it short to Juan Pablo Sorin, who’s approaching half way from the left back position. The Argentina captain ever identifiable with his long hair and headband.

Another quick one-two between Rodriguez and Sorin as Sorin looks to move the ball inside.

He plays plays in inside to Javier Mascherano, who sitting on halfway.

Mascherano prods it forward to Riquelme – the patient playmaker in this Argentina side who’ll certainly be looking to make things happen today.

He plays it off easy this time though, with a easy side foot back to Gabriel Heinze. Very patient play from Argentina, this. They’re really dominating possession in the first half.

Heinze moves it forward firmly to the substitute Cambiasso who does well to control that. Cambiasso feeling his way into the game here after replacing Lucho González after he picked up a knock.

He’s looking sharp here though as he drops a shoulder under pressure and plays it back to Mascherano. He finds Maxi Rodríguez to his left.

He dinks it out to Sorin, who’s made up a few yards down the left; he’s done well do bring that bouncing ball under control on his chest.

Sorin plays it back inside and it’s knocked on to Mascherano. This is really patient possession play by Argentina, Perkerman has instilled this style into a very gifted squad.

Mascherano plays it short to Cambiasso. He moves it quickly to Riquelme.

Saviola is dropping deep now, looking for the ball, and he receives it quickly from the masterful Riquelme.

That’s a neat one-two between the two, the outside of Riquelme’s right boot opening up some space for the Barca forward. He’s under pressure he but he moves it neatly across the 18-yard box to Cambiasso.

Cambiasso does well to prod it forward to Hernan Crespo who’s looking to create some space in the Serbia box, but he’s back heeled it in between the two Serbian defenders back to Cambiasso… CAMBIASSO… Brilliant.

He’s rifled that past Jevric into the roof of the Serbia net. That’s an absolutely stunning team goal. Esteban Cambiasso wheels away with delight and is joined by his teammates; you can see the delight on his face at finishing off the wonderful team move.

They’ll be writing about this goal for years to come.


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