Dennis & Diego

Dennis and Diego. Diego and Dennis. Their personalities and life off the pitch could not be further apart, but both are remembered for the same reasons – brilliance on a football pitch. Here I delve into 2 of my favourite ever World Cup strikes, starting with the blonde haired Dutch maestro….


8bit Football

There are three things which make this goal easily one of the best goals ever seen on the biggest stage of all.

Timing – World Cup quarter final, 90th minute. The game was tied at 1-1 and most teams would be settling for extra time. Not Holland. Not Dennis Bergkamp.

Touch – From a long ball pumped forward, coming over your shoulder and controlling it so expertly was what made this goal for me. The ball stuck to his foot like a magnet to a fridge. The second touch to bring it back inside was majestic and presented the opportunity for number 3….

Finish – Outside of the boot, nestling perfectly in the top corner past Roa, and booking their place in the Semi-finals. I could only think of a couple of players off the top of my head who world have the audacity to pull this off, and he is certainly one of them.

France 98 was a superb tournament and for many fans my age, holds fantastic memories as being the first World Cup i actually remember and was invested in. If this year is going to live up to that, it still has a long way to go.

Enjoy the Dutch commentary – I certainly did!


Now… Diego, and exactly 32 years ago today England and Argentina met in what is often remembered as one of the most controversial matches in World Cup history.

We all know and have seen the infamous Hand of God numerous times, but it often overshadows the fantastic solo goal that Maradona scored on that fateful day in the Azteca.

After picking up the ball around the halfway line, he escaped the challenge of a desperate Peter Reid and foraged his way into the England half. He then glided past several defenders, rounded the keeper and stuck it into the empty net.

What astounds me is the ease that he glided across the pitch, running at such pace and never once looked like losing control of the ball. It really is a work of art, a majestic goal which rightly tops many people’s list as the greatest World Cup goal ever scored.

If only it wasn’t against England eh… enjoy the passionate Argentinian commentary too – we will get our moment this year lads, although I don’t think it will sound the same coming from Jonathan Pearce…

Do you agree? Disagree? or would like to share your favourite World Cup goals and moments with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Words: @HFRSteve

Video #1: Frank de Jong

Video #2: 8bit Football

Video #3: forfunny59



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