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Stuart Mole
Chief Editor	



Darren Montgomery
Creative Director	



Anthony Giles
Senior Editor	



Olly Scholes
Senior Editor	



Stephen Evans
Senior Editor	


We are Hopeless Football Romantic!

A deep rooted emotion we all hold and develop from childhood.

It’s a raw passion and unadulterated love for the beautiful game that enchants millions of people around the globe.

No matter how hard times get or disillusioned you become, we believe the impossible is around the corner and the unachievable can be celebrated one day.

We share a sense of belonging and pride in our teams colours, in our countries, peers and heroes.

Young, old, male or female; we are united together as one.

We are the football population, the foot soldiers of our time. We carry this feeling with us, each day, dreaming, trusting, wishing and hoping.

Football is magnificent, and so are you.

We are the Hopeless Football Romantics!


Our aim is clean and clear. We don’t wish to preach, we don’t want to ostracise.

This is no movement or protest.

What we are fanatical about is collecting and publishing a positive, diverse range of experiences, memories and opinions in the form of fresh content, informative articles and exciting features from our talented writers and contributors.

No restrictions, free from boundaries, we crave the unknown, unfamiliar and unique.

We are a World football magazine and online forum,  for amatuers and fans alike, inviting you on this journey of celebration.

Howay in then,

HFR Team